The Curriculum

The Mental Literacy Programme consists of a series of workshops, each with a different topic or theme.

  • State Management - Learn how to manage and be in control of your emotional state.
  • Gremlin Awareness - Uncovering limiting beliefs and monitoring negative self-talk.
  • How To Build Self-Esteem - Doing difficult things and building self-confidence.
  • Overwhelm Management - Dealing with pressure and anxiety.
  • Decision Making And Knowing Our Values - Uncovering what we really want and becoming decisive.
  • Taking Personal Responsibility - The blame game and why it wastes your life.
  • Self Care And Our Human Needs - Making sure our needs are met first, so that we can better serve others.
  • Role Models - Hallmarks of successful and happy people.
  • Who Do You Spend Your Time With? - Growth versus toxic environments.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence - Understanding how people work and learning to behave accordingly.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses - Knowing what these are and playing the game accordingly.
  • Powerful Goal Setting - Turning dreams into successful action plans.
  • Successful Relationships - What to look for and how to maintain them.
  • Balance And Time Management - Avoiding the wonky wheel.
  • Living In Process - The present moment, mindfulness and meditation.
  • Talking Through Your Problems - Why it works and how to do it.
  • The Perfectionist Mind - Control versus letting go.

Personal Development for Businesses

Maybe it's that employee you know is incredibly talented but lacks in self-confidence.  Or perhaps your team just feels like it needs that little injection of something fresh in their thinking.  Either way, why not take your employees out of their normal routine for a day (or even just an evening) to learn something new about themselves?  Pick from a range of topics and see how even a 90-minute workshop could change the way people look at themselves and respond to challenges in the workplace.  Each business has its individual needs and my workshops can be tailored to work for either large seminars or small groups.  Often a company also needs a skilled professional to come in and work one-to-one with a client who is struggling with one aspect of their personal life.  Getting that key employee back on track in their home life can make an enormous difference to their effectiveness at work.

Adult Evening Classes

Another passion of mine is teaching. One evening a week I lead classes in self development, so why not come along and learn something new about yourself?  You'll be focusing on a different topic from the the Mental Literacy Programme each week in an intimate classroom setting.  The programme starts again at the beginning of each school term, so if you're committed to completing the whole course, then you can start and finish at any time.  Participants come away with a far greater understanding of how their mind works and what they need to do in order to live more balanced and fulfilled lives.  Each seminar is also practical and task-orientated, meaning people have already begun the process of integrating learning into their everyday lives by the time they finish the course.  

Talks For Undergraduates, Workshops For Sixth Form, And Seminars For School Students

Another important aspect of my work is with young people.  Young people are particularly vulnerable because of the lack of focus and information that exists in the education system on how to live a happy and fulfilled life.  Teachers do an incredible job, usually up all hours, making sure that a young person's academic progress is taken care of, but as a consequence, there is little or no quality time available to check in on a child's personal development.  Focusing on the topics listed above, the Mental Literacy Programme ensures young people get both the information and the practical support to ensure they leave the education system mentally literate.  Please see my section on Young People if you are interested in finding out more.