The Worst Feeling In The World

You're probably not going through the worst possible situation in the world, so how come it feels like that?  You're not averse to a bit of stress in your life, but you can't remember the last time you didn't feel like this.  Will this feeling ever end, you ask yourself, or is this just life?  When a person feels stressed or anxious they have usually engaged the fight-or-flight response.  This ancient organ of the brain (known as the amygdala), tells you something big and scary could eat you at any moment and insists on you being stressed in order to stay alive.  Stop!  We no longer live in prehistoric times, you are not about to be eaten by a lion.  What's chasing you, putting you on edge, is actually a fear of some kind.  Bringing this fear to the surface makes it visible, and enables you to do something about it.  Don't expect to feel better until you've taken the time to deal with it.

Something's Not Right, Stop!

Stress and anxiety are actually a good thing.  Without them, we'd have no idea our life had gone off track.  When you cut your leg you need the pain to let you know that something has happened and also to compel you to do something about it.  The initial pain makes you stop doing the thing that's cutting your leg, immediately preventing it from getting any worse.  But the pain doesn't just stop there.  It usually stays sore for a while to encourage us to take a proper look at the damage, take some action to help it heal and also learn the lesson of what not to do next time.  Stress or anxiety is the mind’s equivalent.  Something's not right here, it's saying.  Stop what you're doing.  You need to take a closer look, before you make it worse.

Taking A Closer Look

Whatever the reason, you need to take the time to look at this wound to prevent it going septic. Stress or anxiety, however uncomfortable, are nothing compared to the pangs of depression which can develop if you don't take action.  A coach is trained at getting to the root cause of your anxiety or stress in super-fast time.  They won't go deep into your past or childhood, but just take an in-depth look at how your life is set up right now.  This root cause may be the simplest thing, lying just outside your awareness (AKA your blind spot), and it may only need the smallest of adjustments to get you functionally normally again.  Of course it may require more than that, but far better to know and be on the road to recovery.