Seeing The Wood Through The Trees

Perhaps you're feeling trapped in a relationship that just isn't working.  Perhaps it's horrible; a daily source of pain and distraction.  Perhaps you're clinging on because you know how amazing it can be - how it used to be.  You can't seem to work out at what point it all went wrong.  Was it something you did, or was it that thing they said you just can't let go of?  Or maybe you've just come out of a relationship and are looking to rebuild your life based on the lessons learned, rather than jump straight into the next relationship.  Either way, because of the intensely emotional nature of relationships, it can be extremely difficult to see what's really going on by yourself.  Instincts are drowned out by egos on both sides and it seems, the more you try and solve the problem, the worse it gets.

Getting To The Real Reasons Why It Isn't Working

It’s a hard fact to face but there’s almost always a cause to your relationship difficulty, and it’s often not the one you think it is.  Coaching takes you out of the heat of battle and gives you the safe space to explore what’s really going on.  It’s remarkable the clarity that can be gained from just being properly listened to.  The coaching space allows your thoughts to fully release, extend and explore, without the interruption of a friend’s well-meaning advice or a loved one's loaded version of reality.  A coach won’t let it rest until the cause of your relationship difficulty is discovered. Then it's time to go to work on a plan to face this cause and remedy it.  It may involve a lot of humility; a willingness to face one’s own weaknesses, but the reward at the end will be more than worth it.

Finding That Special Someone

The topic of countless movies and an age-old human dilemma; true love. How could coaching possibly help us in our quest?  Well, actually there are a number of ways.  First of all, the achievement of a meaningful and fulfilling relationship has a hell of a lot to do with our own self-esteem and confidence.  Having a coach as part of your life means you always have that personal champion, someone who believes in you and sees the best version of you.  They're also there to spot when you're making decisions based on a negative self-image or a limiting belief about what relationships should be.  A coach is also very useful in the search for that special someone because they will take the time to work out what it is you really want - and need - to be genuinely happy in a relationship.  These relationship values are clearly unique to each individual and are vital in reducing the amount of wasted time spent on relationships that weren't right from the off.