Join me on my 10 day retreat to a Himalayan village in February 2018. Relax and surround yourself with the ancient wisdom of the local Buddhist monks and experience the Tibetan New Year.

Change Your Perspective On Life Forever

Your life will never be the same again.  This trip of a lifetime is offered exclusively to my clients.  Once a year we travel out to India and spend 10 incredible days together in a little village nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Set up in a comfortable nearby hotel, we visit the village every day, spending time doing activities with its Tibetan Buddhist people.  I first went there to teach when I was only 18 years old and I consider these people my second family.  They took care of me like I was their own.  Seventeen years and almost as many trips later I've built up such powerful relationships that I like to share them with my clients.  This transformative experience will change your perspective on life forever.

Stories To Treasure For A Lifetime

We begin each day with a mindfulness walk through the surrounding lush forests before eating breakfast with the locals.  Some days are spent visiting schools, monasteries, orphanages or tradespeople.  Other days are more adventurous and involve visiting remote mountain villages, swimming in the crystal blue source rivers of the Ganges or participating in a local wedding or festival.  Every person you meet along the way has a different story of how they live their life. They're very open about their own search for happiness, either through Buddhism or Hinduism.  Each day we will also be learning how to cook, eat and laugh in the houses of my life-long local friends.

Tuesday 13th Feb

  • You'll be met by Phil at Delhi International Airport and transported by minibus to your hotel.  Take in Delhi's sights, including the Red Fort and India Gate.
  • That evening we'll travel up to Dehra Dun, a city nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • The hotel where we're staying is newly built, with en-suite bathrooms, a restaurant and a bar.  It's also just a 10 minute drive from the village.

Wednesday 14th Feb

  • We'll take a taxi to the village to meet the locals, before getting to know the area with a guided tour of the community.
  • Later, we'll picnic with the villagers at the local swimming pool, followed by a visit to the local orphanage.
  • We will also have an opportunity to visit a local Indian family and learn how to wash clothes on a stone, Indian-style, with a bar of soap.

 Thursday 15th Feb

  • On day three, we'll visit a Tibetan Bell workshop, to meet the workers and see the entire process. Take away your very own hand-made bell.
  • Next up is a visit to the local village school to meet Tibetan, Nepali, Indian and Bhutanese children.
  • There's also a possibility of attending an Indian wedding party in the evening.

Friday 16th Feb

  • The ancient Tibetan New Year Festival of Losar begins today, with a evening party to follow.
  • You'll be invited to get involved with all the rituals and ceremonies of the day.
  • Make your own Tibetan Style lunch, with lessons from a local chef.  Help prepare food for the entire community.

Sat 17th Feb

  • Enjoy the second day of Losar, with an opportunity to learn mantras from real Buddhist monks.
  • Learn how to sing and dance Tibetan, Nepali and Indian style.  Become an instant local hero and share a song or dance from your part of the world.
  • This is followed by a big party in the evening with drinks and food.

Sunday 18th Feb

  • We'll experience the last day of Losar with the Tibetan people.  Get involved and make friends for a lifetime.
  • You can also participate in the ancient Buddhist ceremony of Scripture Blessing.
  • Then we'll join the community in dancing around the fire, throwing food into it for the gods and shouting Lah-Solo.

Monday 19th Feb

  • We'll visit the holy Ganges towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh, where the Beatles went in search of deeper meaning.
  • Then there's an opportunity for rafting and swimming in the crystal blue source waters of the Ganges.
  • Also learn yoga and meditation by the Ganges and enjoy an Ayurvedic Spa, which includes an Indian Head Massage

Tuesday 20th Feb

  • We'll visit a rural mountain village surrounded by reserve forests.
  • Then we'll drop by the houses of my local Indian friends and see how real India lives, cooks and dances.
  • There will also be a chance for a walk and a picnic with the Indian locals. Spend the evening trying out the local wine, Arak.

Wednesday 21st Feb

  • We'll visit the local city of Dehra Dun and go shopping in the traditional markets.  Learn how to speak basic Hindi and have a go at bartering Indian-style.
  • Near the city are the infamous Robber's Caves where you can swim and go under a waterfall.
  • We'll finish the day with a trip to the cinema to see a Bollywood Movie.  The atmosphere is electric!

Thursday 22nd Feb

  • On our last day, we'll say an emotional goodbye to all the friends we've made in the Tibetan village.
  • After packing our things, we'll experience the Indian railway system as we make our way back to Delhi.
  • If you like, we can also arrange onward trips to see the Taj Mahal or any other sights in India.