State Management

You've tried a lot of things already in your quest to lose weight and be healthy.  Some have worked for a while but then you're back where you started the moment you finish the programme.  Others work but require such misery to keep them going, they're just not sustainable.  Meanwhile you're locked in this endless cycle of self-loathing, which only seems to be getting worse with each failure.  Finally, you tell yourself, this isn't possible, so why bother.  It's time for a re-think.  Before you lose any weight - or make any significant or long term change in your life, for that matter - you first need to learn how to state manage.  This means learning how to feel happy regardless of whether you lose the weight or not.  These time honoured techniques put you in your strongest possible state of mind for the challenge that lies before you.

Proper Self-Care

Next up, we need to make sure that your life is set up in a way that is conducive to this change being possible.  Weirdly enough, most people fail in their health and fitness aspirations because some other part of their life is completely out of kilter.  They've made no time for fun in their life and everything is already about achievement or progress.  No wonder then that when given another serious goal to complete, both the body and the mind say no more room at the inn!  That other part of your life may not even be out of kilter, it may just be taking up all your energy.  It's all down to what you decide to use your "big push" energy for.  Each of us only have a certain amount of this type of energy, designed at helping us move forward in a particular area of our lives.  If you're using all yours up on impressing your boss at work by working over the weekend, don't expect to have any left over for moving forward with that weight loss plan.

Developing Strategies, Self-Discipline And Momentum

Momentum is the magic word because once you have it, nothing can stop you.  Every day there's another little victory.  Every day your self-esteem grows that little bit stronger.  You look back at your day, your week, your month and see a new self-confidence emerging. You'll find yourself doing difficult things that you didn't believe you were capable of.  You're not only doing these difficult things but you're actually enjoying the process of doing them too.  You're enjoying them because you've developed tailor-made strategies with your coach, littered with bite-sized rewards. You're actually getting addicted to this devil-incarnate known as self-discipline.  Going forward, your coach keeps tabs on your whole life, making sure that nothing unexpected can derail this momentum you've built, but at the same time keeping you lighthearted about set-backs - it's all part of the fun and learning.