Career Choice/Career Change

Maybe you're fresh out of college and have no idea what you want to be?  Or perhaps you're just unhappy about where you are and considering a change of career?  Either way coaching can save you years of wasted time.  The endless choices, weeks where you're convinced you should stay, followed by months on the verge of quitting - before you know it, another year has gone by.  You're exactly where you were, without an inch of progress towards what it is you really want.  Coaching is tremendously effective when it comes to big career decisions, because it places great emphasis on uncovering a client's values.  These values are what a person really needs in their life for them to be a happy and effective human being.  Once these values are at the forefront of a person's thinking, they're able to use them as a compass for all kinds of decision making.

Career Development/Career Support

Career Development coaching is for people who have an absolute passion to be the best they possibly can be at their job.  For you, a job isn't just a job. You may even have aspirations to be a leader in your field.  The problem is, discussions about your professional development always seem rushed and are driven by the agenda of your employer.  As a consequence, you don't feel like you can really speak your mind.  Having regular meetings with your own personal coach means you always have someone who is one hundred percent on your side.  Career coaching is also about getting that extra support, as and when you need it.  Perhaps you're embarking on a new role, completely alien to you, or maybe you're just starting out in a new career.  These situations can be incredibly overwhelming at first and without the proper support in place all you can think about is quitting and going back to the security of what you know and feel comfortable with.

Starting Your Own Business

You don't need to dig far to find some alarming statistics on the mortality rate of new businesses.  It's tragic enough seeing your dream go up in flames, but the ruinous financial consequences that many are left to endure, can be unbearable.  Don't let this be you.  Having a coach to work through this process with you from start to finish really can make all the difference.  First of all, they will make you answer all the tough questions before you begin.  How will this business fit into your life?  What are your whys and are they powerful enough?  Is this pure escapism or have you managed to answer all the tough financial questions?  A coach will then help you construct a detailed action plan.  What exactly are you going to do and precisely when are you going to do it?  But perhaps the biggest contribution of the coach is the ongoing support.  Someone to offload to when you're overwhelmed and someone to challenge you when you're fooling yourself.  Someone who'll help you prioritise, but will also insist you keep taking action and building momentum.